Department of Mathematics and Science Education

The Department of Mathematics and Science Education coordinates several teacher education programs, including Teaching Chemistry, Teaching Mathematics, Teaching Physics, and Teaching Science at the secondary and primary school levels.

The department aims to produce science and mathematics teachers, who are able to meet the increasing demand for high quality teaching. Graduates are expected to be reflective and competent educators, sensitive to the demands of their job, responsive to a developing education system and technological requirements, committed to continuing their own professional development, and ready to play a leading role in the field of science and mathematics education.

All five programs include courses offered by the departments of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Faculty of Education. Courses offered by the Faculty of Education cover curriculum and professional studies introducing various aspects of education, psychology, guidance, and classroom management. Courses offered by the Department of Mathematics and Science Education integrate theoretical perspectives in the field with teaching methods and teaching practice in the selected secondary or primary schools.