BounAdaptiveTestLab : Boğaziçi University Adaptive Test Laboratory

Bogazici University Adaptive Test Laboratory (BounAdaptiveTestLab) focuses on assessing academic achievement and psychological constructs in the form of adaptive tests. In the laboratory, live-testing Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT) research studies are conducted. Tests that measure quantitative skills of K-12 school students are developed. Measuring personality and attitudinal variables is another focus of the laboratory. Creating a research environment where visiting scholars and graduate students collaborate and conduct their research is the primary goal of the laboratory.

Principal Investigator:
Assoc. Prof. Serkan Arıkan 


Assoc. Prof. Eren Can Aybek
Dr. Güneş Ertaş Polat
Belgin Eriz
Beyza Arpacıoğlu
Gamze Uçar Ersizer

Undergraduate Students:
Emir Derin


Lab Website :